How to spend your active holiday in Gastein

Sportive action in dizzying heights

The wide Gasteinertal is a dream come true for active athletes in every season. The high-rising rocky landscapes prove inviting for hiking and climbing tours in summer, while winter becomes the season of freeriders and ski mountaineers. You want to experience all of that and much more during your active holiday in Gastein? We put together an individual sport and action package in dizzying heights for you – learn more about our services and offers, and visit us soon in the beautiful province of Salzburg!

Ice climbing in Gastein

Climbing on frozen waterfalls is one of the most enticing kinds of mountain climbing. Ice is both fascinating and multifaceted. Hardly any other natural structure comes in as many different shapes and variations as ice. And that’s what makes it interesting: You’ll always discover something new. Ice is never the same as on the previous day, let alone the previous year. The structure of ice can frequently change within hours.


My years as part of the training team at the Austrian mountain guide association gave me lots of experience and knowledge in the area of ice climbing. It’d be my great pleasure to introduce you to this fascinating sport during your active holiday in Gastein.

    Ice climbing for beginners

    Receive thorough training for ice equipment and crampons, as well as instructions on the safety techniques. Learning by doing gives you the necessary security and familiarity with the waterfall ice.

    Ice climbing for advanced climbers

    You’ve always wanted to climb through a waterfall? Easy or extreme, no problem – your wish is fulfilled in two-person or three-person rope teams. All you need are crampon - ready mountain shoes and warm, breathable clothing; I provide modern ice equipment.



    • € 330,- / Day at course company
    • from € 350 ,- with div. controlled ice cases
    • every other person  € 35,-
    • with leadership tours max. 2 persons .
    • at course company max. 4 persons
    • incl. lending equipment

    Avalanche transceiver safety training

    Real emergency scenarios are practiced with a mobile “Pieps Art” searching station. Take the avalanche transceiver training in Gastein to perfectly prepare yourself for freeriding or ski mountaineering. Learn how to correctly use your avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe, and practice various search strategies. This contributes immensely to more personal responsibility and safety.



    • € 50,- / persons
    • min.  4 – 8 persons

    Guided ski tours in Gastein

    Get away from the stressful everyday routine during your active holiday in Gastein by discovering pristine, calm nature far away from overcrowded ski slopes. The Gasteinertal offers a variety of worthwhile ski tours for every taste. Join me on a ski tour.
    The touring programme features the most important basics, such as:

    • Basics of snow and avalanche awareness
    • Interpretation of hazardous areas according to the avalanche report
    • Terrain assessment
    • Right conduct in open terrain
    • Trail-making in ascent and descent
    • Observations in open terrain


    • € 330,- / Day
    • every other person € 30,-
    • max.6 persons
    • incl. lending equipment
    • ABS Rucksack   € 20,-/ Day

    Ski technique training in Gastein

    Intense technique training is the ideal option for freeride beginners or advanced riders to increase their level and rediscover the feeling of skiing. Adhering to the motto “piste to powder”, we concentratedly move from the classic slope to open terrain with fresh powder and deep snow – ideal for exploring the diverse hills during your active holiday in Gastein!



    • € 70,- / Hours
    • every other person  € 15,-
    • max 6. persons


    Pure deep-snow enjoyment, unspoiled hills coupled with unique winter scenery. Improve your skiing technique with practical tips and experience dapper freeriding in Gastein for sure. Brief ascents and long downhills provide powder fun and freedom beyond overcrowded slopes!



    • € 330,- / Day
    • every other person € 30,-
    • max.6 persons
    • incl. lending equipment
    • ABS Rucksack   € 20,-/ Day

    Exclusive in the Gastein Valley! With the e-bike into the mountains !!

    Have you always wanted to do something extraordinary? Do you love adventure? Do you want to feel your adrenaline rushing     through your veins? Then you are exactly right with us!  


     E-bike & via ferrata

     E-bike & secret trails, alpine tours, hiking

     E-bike & climbing  


    With the help of e-bikes, remote lonely peaks can be easily mastered as a day tour. For special requests we are glad to be at service!  


    (Rental fee of approx. € 40,-  for  e-bikes is not included.)

    Guided hikes in Gastein

    Instead of going up the mountains on the same old, well-worn marked hiking trails, why not do thing a bit more challenging? Hike on really old, partially forgotten routes up the Glaserer, Heidentempel or Flugkopf – away from the tourist masses. Become one with nature and enjoy the spectacular paths and views during your active holiday in Gastein!



    • Step security, dizziness freedom
    • Very good condition for 8 - 10 hours
    • Height difference according to steep path up to 1400



    • € 330,- / Day
    • every other person € 30,-
    • max. 6 persons
    • incl. lending equipment

    Via ferrata in the Gasteinertal

    Learning the right climbing technique, gaining confidence in the equipment: We start on an easy practice steel cable via ferrata. After intense training, we do a via ferrata on the Schlossalm befitting the skill level.

    Guided via ferrata tours Schlossalm:

    • Hirschinger B/C – D/E
    • Weitmoser B/C
    • Mauskarspitze B/C
    • Kleine Scharte B/C
    • Hochalm D/E

    We’re also active on various other via ferrata outside the Gasteinertal:

    • Hochkönig region
    • Ramsau-Dachstein region
    • Kaprun
    • Maltatal
    • Dolomiten



    • Duration climbing steep path excursions
      whole Day:  1 - 3 persons € 360,-
      every other person  € 20,-
      max. 6 persons
    • one or two via ferrata
    • ca. 2,5 hours
    • Adult:  € 80,- / person
    • Child:   € 40,- / child
    • For groups from min. 3 - 6  persons
    • incl. lending equipment

    Climbing in Gastein

    There are several climbing parks and multi-pitch routes in the Gasteinertal. Beginner to pro, there’s something for everyone! Pick a trial course or a multi-pitch tour. Follow an experienced mountain guide and enjoy the magic of the mountain. We’ll gladly advise you on this tough decision.
    We organise individual climbing trips to the following regions:

    • Hochkönig
    • Tennen Mountains
    • Dachstein
    • Dolomiten
    • Lake Garda

    Price on inquiry

    High-alpine tours

    Become a summiteer during your active holiday in Gastein! The various high-altitude tours in Gastein lead into predominantly alpine terrain. There’s even snow and ice in summer near the glacier – ideal for advanced climbers and mountain hikers. Good safety equipment and extensive mountain experience are a must!


    As you can see, your active holiday in Gastein has many a highlight in store. Via ferrata or powder snow, summer or winter – we create unforgettable holiday experiences. Did we whet your activity-stricken appetite? Best contact us today!

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