Mont Blanc with Rochefort Ridge

Crossing the Mont Blanc

  • Touring in the Mont Blanc region, the “crème de la crème of the Alps”.
  • Pure enjoyment at the Rochefort Ridge, one of the most spectacular firn snow tours of the Alps!
  • South-to-north crossing of the highest summit of the Alps
  • Climb to the Ref. Gonella, one of the wildest regions of the Alps.


Travel to Chamonix. Discussion of the touring week. Briefing & equipment check

Monday: Aiguille du Midi–Rif. Torino

Up high to the Aiguille du Midi by cable car and past the foot of Mont Blanc du Tacule to the Rif. Torino through the Vallee Blanche (3,371 m).

  • Ascent: 500 altitude metres
  • 3 hours

Tuesday: Aiguille de Rochefort – Courmayeur

We leave early in the morning with a light day backpack for the Rochefort Ridge. We ascend the Aiguille de Rochefort (4,001 m) via the wonderful western ridge on a horizontal firn snow crust ladder, then descend back to the hut. We travel by gondola down to Courmayeur, then by bus or taxi to our accommodation in the Val Veni.

  • Ascent: 650 altitude metres
  • 6 hours

Wednesday: Val Veni–Ref. Gonella

After an copious breakfast, we’re off to the end of the Val Veni. We tour up the imposing, partially chasm-punctuated Glacier du Miage to the Ref. Gonella (3,071 m). The absolutely unique location of the hut and its modern furnishings compensates us for all the effort.

  • Ascent: 1,370 altitude metres
  • 6 hours

Thursday: Mont Blanc–Ref. du Cosmique

We walk onto the roof of the Alps, the Mont Blanc (4,807 m), in the light of our headlamps! Past the Aiguilles Grises, we take the Piton Italiens first onto the Dôme du Goûter (4,304 m), then via the Bossesgrat onto the Mont Blanc.


Descent via the Mont Maudit uad Mont Blanc du Tacul down to the Ref. du Cosmique (3,806 m).

  • Ascent: 1,800 altitude metres
  • 10-13 hours

Friday: Midi du Plan–Montenvers

We can take it a bit easier today. Still, crossing the Midi–Aiguille du Plan (3,673 m) is an amazing mountain tour. The deep view down to Chamonix is fantastic. And we descend via the Ref. du Requine CAF (2,516 m) onward via the Mer de Glace to Montenvers and from there to Chamonix by cable car.

  • 7- 8 hours
  • Departure


  • Very good endurance for 10-13 hours
  • Acclimatised for 4,000-m mountains (arrive in advance for acclimatised hikes recommended)
  • Secure climbing iron technique vertical & frontal approx. 45°
  • Experience in combined terrain II
  • Head for heights, surefootedness

Costs per person:
  • 1 PAX: € 2,900 / 2 PAX: € 1,700
  • Plus own expenses and expenses of the mountain guide
  • Rental equipment possible on enquiry
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