Schareck on 3,123 m

The Schareck is a hefty, wide summit and an imposing mountain from all sides.

It is glaciated to the summit on the south side (Wurtenkees). The mountain group includes the Baumbachspitze, the Apere Schareck, and the Herzog Ernst, the Neuenerkogel and the Riffelhöhe.


The Valeriehaus (1,580 m) is the starting point of the tour. From here on, it’s westwards into the valley to the Siglitztal and curves up the H-Bahlsen-Weg to the Niedersachsenhaus (2,472 m). The 3-km-long ascent across the northwestern ridge (Pröllweg) starts at the Niedersachsenhaus. We take the scenically very beautiful ascent at the watershed between Raurisertal and Gasteinertal. We cross the Neunerkogel and the Herzog Ernst Spitze on our way up the summit on the rope (difficulty I-II). Both are secured through several short climbing constructions (via ferrata)!


  • Surefootedness, head for heights
  • Endurance for 8 - 10 hours
  • Altitude difference: 1,550 altitude metres
  • Climbing difference: I-II

Costs per person:
  • 1 PAX:   € 350,-
  • 2 PAX:  € 280,-
  • 3 PAX:  €  200,-
  • 4 PAX:   €  150,-
  • Plus own expenses and expenses of the mountain guide
  • Rental equipment available on enquiry!
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