Crossing the Ötztal

Venterrunde, across the Ötztal on skis

In five days across the highest summits of the Ötztal Alps. The Venterrunde is a true ski touring classic and among the most popular transitions through the East Alps.

The five-day tour starting in Vent leads through the central part of Ötztal Alps including several of Tyrol’s tallest 3,000-m peaks.

First day:

Meeting at 12 pm in Vent in the Ötztal. Ascent through the Niedertal to the Martin-Busch-Hütte hut (2,501 m). Dinner and programme discussion.

  • Ascent: 600 altitude metres
  • 3 hours

Second day: Similaun 3,606 m

Wide glacial soil lead across the Niederjochferner to the start of the summit ridge. From here, it’s all the way to the summit via the ski depot and the west ridge. Downhill to the Similaunhütte hut (3,019 m).

  • Ascent: 1,100 altitude metres
  • Descent: 600 altitude metres
  • 4-5 hours

Third day: Finailspitze 3,516 m

Past the place where the mummy named Ötzi was found in the Hauslabjoch. Ski depot on the foot of the summit complex. On foot across the north ridge to the summit. Downhill via the Hochjochferner to the Schnalstalergletscher glacier. Ascent to the Schöne-Aussicht (2,842 m).

  • Ascent: 700 altitude metres
  • Descent: 900 altitude metres
  • 4 hours

Fourth day: Weisskugel 3,738 m

Ascent to the “Hintern Eis” followed by a brief downhill onto the Hintereisferner. Ascent across the long Ferner to the Hintereisjoch (3,471 m). Another 200 altitude metres on the southern fold flank to the ski deport. Easy climb to the summit over a short ridge. Long downhill across the Hintereisferner to the Hochjoch-Hospiz (2,413 m).

  • Ascent: 1,200 altitude metres
  • Descent: 1,500 altitude metres
  • 7 hours

Fifth day: Fluchtkogel 3,500 m

Via the Kesselwandferner to the Oberes Guslarjoch (3,361 m). From here via the short southern fold flank to the summit. Beautiful downhill across the Guslarferner to the Vernagthütte hut (2,755 m).

  • Ascent: 1,100 altitude metres
  • Descent: 800 altitude metres
  • 5 hours

Sixth day: Wildspitze 3,772 m

Via the Vernagtgletscher glacier to the Brochkogeljoch (3,423 m) and across the Taschachferner to Austria’s second-tallest summit. The sea of summits of the Ötztal Alps are at your feet. Spectacular downhill to Vent. Goodbyes and departure.

  • Ascent: 1,000 altitude metres
  • Descent: 1,900 altitude metres
  • 6 hours


  • Safe parallel skiing in all types of snow
  • Skilled in walking with skins and the kick turn
  • Surefootedness
  • Endurance of approx. 6-8 hours

Costs per person:
  • Min. 3 PAX / max. 6 PAX: € 600,-
  • Plus own expenses and expenses of the mountain guide
  • Rental equipment available if required

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