About your ski and mountain guide from Gastein

Fascinating mountains

Utmost safety and intense experiences on the mountain are the absolute priority for me, your ski and mountain guide from Gastein. The journey is the reward: It’s not about the wild, extreme things, but rather it’s the details that make the mountains so fascinating and unforgettable. The local mountains in particular constantly offer fascinating options in their never-ending diversity.

Little bit about me

Born in Bad Gastein, I made my first ski run at the age of three and went on my first ski tour at just 8 years old. In the following years to come, I frequently spent my time touring the Alps. Being a mountain guide and Ski instructor has been my main occupation since 1997. I’ve also taken part in two 8,000-m-peak expeditions: in the Himalayas in 1997 and Karakorum in 2004.

I successfully went on to gain my training as a Ski instructor with diploma in 2000 and later went on to collect occupational experience as a mountain guide / Ski instructor abroad, including five seasons as a mountain guide and Ski instructor in St. Moritz from 2008/09 to 2012/13. I am a member of the training team for the Austrian mountain guide association since 2004 and a trainer for Salzburg’s ski and snowboard instructor association since 2005.

I am verry passionate about nature and the mountains. There is nothing better than exploring them with like minded people!

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