Via your ski and mountain guide from Gastein

Fascination with the mountains

The greatest possible safety and intense experiences on the mountain are top priorities for me, your ski and mountain guide from Gastein. The journey is the goal: The focus is not on the wild or extreme, but on the little things that make the mountains so fascinating and unforgettable. The local mountains in particular offer fascinating possibilities in a never-ending variety.

About me

Born in Bad Gastein, I was already on skis when I was three and went on my first ski tour when I was eight. In the years that followed, I was often out and about in the Alps. I have been working full-time as a mountain guide and ski instructor since 1996. I was also a participant in two 8000er expeditions: 1997 in the Himalayas and 2004 in the Karakoram.

In 2000 I completed my training as a qualified ski instructor and later gained professional experience as a mountain guide / ski instructor abroad, including five seasons as a mountain guide and ski instructor in St. Moritz from 2008/09 to 2012/13. I am a member of the teaching team for the Austrian Mountain guide training since 2004 and trainer for the Salzburg Ski and Snowboard Instructor Association since 2005.

I love the outdoors and the mountains. What could be nicer than being out and about in it with people!