Ski touring week Johannishütte

Top-notch ski tours in the southern Venediger Group in the heart of the Hohe Tauern

The hut is known throughout the region for its good food and snugness. There are modern dormitory and a shower option available for a fee.


Arrival and initial discussion in Hinterbichl at 12 am at Gasthof Islitzer. Afterwards, an approx. 2.5-hour-long ascent via the Dorfertal to the Johannishütte. Having moved into the hut, we try out our avalanche transceivers.


Programme discussion.

  • Ascent: 600 altitude metres
  • 3 hours

Monday: Kreuzspitze 3,155 m

From the Johannishütte it’s down towards the Ochsnerhütte hut and from there eastbound up the mountain alongside a ditch. Go right across a stream at an approx. altitude of 2,500 m and continue southeast across the western slopes of the Zopatspitze. Continue to the south at approx. 2,800 m, traversing the glacial cirque below the Zopatscharte and go up the rise to the Tulpscharte (2,984 m) and the ski depot.


Easy tour to the Kreuzspitze via Nordgrat I. Up to the summit on skis via the northern fold flank, if there’s enough snow.

  • Ascent: 1,040 altitude metres
  • 3.5 hours

Tuesday: Südlicher Happ 3,304 m

From the Johannishütte it’s onto the Aderkamm along the summer path. We turn right at an altitude of approx. 2,500 m and hike across the hills below the Kleiner Happs up the mountain towards northwest onto approx. 2,900 m and avoid the crest of the Kleiner Happs. Up next, we head towards the southern summit of the Südlicher Happs via beautifully slanted slopes and continue across the crest to its northwest summit.

  • Ascent: 1,180 altitude metres
  • 3 hours

Wednesday: Kristallwand 3,329 m

From the Johannishütte along the Zettalunitzbach stream to the Zettalunitzkees. Continue up the mountain to the glacier. Take a left bend towards north at an altitude of approx. 3,000 m and head below the rock crest with the Frosnitztörl across the Äußeres Mullwitzkees. Go right at the upper end of the rock crest and across more even terrain to the summit of the Kristallwand.

  • Ascent: 1,200 altitude metres
  • 4,5 hours

Thursday: Grossvenediger 3,667 m

Brief steep uphill climb behind the Johannishütte, then we ascend towards the northeast. We traverse the steep east hill below the Mullwitzköpfl and reach the Defreggerhaus after some switchbacks. From the hut, we head across the ridge of the Mullwitz Aderls to the Rainerkees and across the glacier up to the Rainertörl (3,422 m).


The tour continues to the northeast, towards the summit slope of the Grossvenediger and over a steep, narrow ridge to the summit. A steep downhill option for experienced skiers runs eastward part Hohes Aderl (keep right due to the crevasses), across the Rainerkees and through the Dorfertal to the hut.

  • Ascent: 1,550 altitude metres
  • 5-6 hours

Friday: Zopetspitze 3,198 m

From the Johannishütte down to the Ochsnerhütte and then eastward uphill along a ditch. Keep left on the moderately steep hills at an altitude of approx. 2,600 m until the start of the eastern ridge. On foot from the ski depot to the summit.

  • Ascent: 1,080 altitude metres
  • Descent: 1,700 altitude metres
  • 3.5 hours
  • Downhill into the valley & departure.


  • Safe parallel skiing in all types of snow
  • Skilled in walking with skins and the kick turn
  • Surefootedness
  • Endurance of approx. 5-6 hours

Costs per person:
  • Min. 3 PAX / max. 6 PAX: € 690,-
  • Plus own expenses and expenses of the mountain guide
  • Rental equipment available on enquiry
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